Following the initial training of the behaviors sit, down and stand, the secret is duration. Rather than nagging at your dog to "stay" the release word allows the dog to learn that sit, down and stand mean sit, down and stand until and only until they are given the release cue. As soon as your dog is performing a reliable sit, down or stand. you need to reliably release the dog BEFORE they just get up on their own. People in my class have had a chance to practice this. Remember, you need to click and treat fast enough for the dog to succeed. Before you begin, practice with a few pieces of kibble. Put a shot glass on something so it is at about the level of the dog's mouth in whatever position. When the dog isn't in the room, click and drop a kibble into the shot glass. How many can you click/drop into glass in 15 seconds? Now, watch the nine minute video. Minute 7 notice how she deals with the dog "breaking the stay". Enjoy.