The real secret of house training is insuring that the puppy never has the opportunity to make a mistake. Puppies live in only two situations while indoors; being supervised and being confined. Trips outside to "potty" can be as frequent as every 20 minutes if the puppy is being trained or is actively playing with you or a toy or another dog and you are WATCHING very closely. A single "accident" can prolong house training by weeks. Realistically, puppys will be left for various periods of time and the "long term confinement system" provides a proper place for going potty so the puppy isn't forced to make a mistake. This @ six minute video reflects visually the same information as provided by Ian Dunbar in his book "Before and After Getting a Puppy" available as a free PDF download from Dr. Dunbar's web site:

The following video shows an actual in-home training session designed to teach a dog to be comfortable at home. Using a pen instead of a crate is an idea developed by Ian Dunbar this provides the puppy with three distinct surface areas; a hard surface for play, a textured surface for potty and a cloth surface for sleep. This is merely the explanation to the dog's owner. Several sessions will need to be run before the pup is totally reliable.

This video was originally presented to new foster parents at another shelter. Fostering or bringing home your new rescue puppy the information is very helpful.