"Go to ..." is a useful cue to get a dog to a particular spot. This video shows "go to mat" but any item can be used as long as you take the time to teach the dog what it is that you want done.

This is another trainer using the same technique. Her puppy nails the behavior very early on. Not every dog gets it this quickly and a great deal of the dog's success depends on the accuracy of your CLICKS. This is another opportunity to grab a ball point pen and click along with the professional Your dog won't be confused by the clicking of the pen because the training clicker is a different sound. Then grab your clicker and give it a try. From "go to mat" you can change the cue so that when your doorbell rings, your dog goes to his mat. Makes having guests over so much easier.

This next video follows the previous two but uses the off comand as a stimulus control so the dog stays on the mat until asked "OFF". Pay particular attention to where and when the treats are delivered. The last minute shows Krissy increasing the duration of the "mat" behavior.