"The Levels" by Susan Ailsby provide all the necessary details to establishing a two-way communication between you and your dog.

The wonderful thing about the levels is as you progress the dog looks to you because he/she TRUSTS you to let her know what you want and she knows you can allow her access to the things she wants. You will also have learned to TRUST you dog! Our dogs see, hear and smell in ways that are profoundly different from the way we see hear and smell. Combining our abilities has synergistic results, greater than just the sum of the parts.

Everything is broken down into logically organized sequences and each step progresses dance like and leads to the nest step. For example:


(see my zen page)

By breaking things down into small bits and rehearsing those bits in many different circumstances we give our dog the opportunity to be told hundreds and hundreds of times "You did great!" .We have the opportunity to deal with our best friends respectfully and teach them what we want them to do under as many different circumstances as we can conceive of and prepare our dogs for.

"The Levels" has a Yahoo group that is both supportive, informative and a lot of fun. (1) (2)


The two volume set explains things far better than I. No, you may not borrow mine!


Interested in following "The Levels"? I'm available as a coach and training partner.


(1) One of the group posted a set of Flash Cards for Level I behaviors:


(2) along with a checklist to show ways to extend the behavior: