Let's get down to our dog's level. Sit or kneel on the floor and be sure to have some small and smelly treats. You are going to get your dog's attention with a bit of food in your fingers and begin leading his nose in small circles, up, down, left, right, up a little higher, down a little lower and give the dog the treat. Not paying off will just cause the dog to loose interest.

"Taza is a client's She-Poo puppy who had her 3rd training session today. We were working on using a secondary reinforcer (her ball), sit, retrieving, giving the toy & tugging all in one, one minute session! Keep in mind she is only 3 pounds so I wanted to introduce a reward alternative to food early since she has such a tiny tummy. As you can see she is a ton of fun to train! To learn more about my training please see www.roottrainingblog.com"This is the paragraph accompanying this video which shows the trainer working on the behaviors during a one minute training session.

the man's eyes may be disconcerting but his technique is one you should follow!

This is the "Down" being taught using a clicker. The trainer is quiet both verbally and physically. This allows to dog to really focus on the behavior.