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The following five videos contain a huge amount of information. Dog training with a clicker requires a degree of skill that can only come with practice. Think of it as a dance, first watch this video.

Some ways to practice are: toss a ball in the air and click each time it hits the ground, watch any TV show
and pick any character and action, ie. a newscaster / looks left or blinks. Watch a soccer game and click

each kick.

Remember, this is your practice session, do it without your dog present. You don't want to start out with the dog thinking "Yeah, I've heard that sound before and it has nothing to do with me."

O.K., you now know how to click, the second skill has both timing and physical delivery components. Watch
this video and with your dog begin treating. Line up three treats on a table edge, curl your hand around one treat think/say "THREE" and push the treat to the floor. Just as shown in the video actually do all the steps. You really do need at least that much basic physical skill. There are adaptive equipment that can assist with these skills. Send me an e-mail if you need something specific.

Now, you need to train your eye. Watch any video of any animal and just name (aloud!) every observable physical move of the animal; ie. ear twitch, front bow, head turn (l/r), tail wag, muscle twitch, ... While training your dog you need to be very aware of your dog. The joy of the clicker is the precision that it allows in rewarding the least part of a movement.